Caterina Benincasa Dominican Monastery (OP): The life of Dominican Nuns (Nuns of the Order of Preachers) is
ordered to the continual remembrance of God. We live the monastic vocation of prayer, study and sacred reading,
offering praise to God and interceding for all peoples and the needs of the world.  Founded by St Dominic in 1206
and now present in many countries throughout the world, each monastic community partakes in the Dominican
charism to “contemplate and share the fruits of contemplation.” Our mission in the monastic tradition is to be in
the midst of the Church, centered in prayer, offering hospitality to those seeking God in their lives and bearing
witness to building community among ourselves in ongoing transformation of life.  For more information, visit
www.benincasaop.org or call 302-654-1206.

Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul (DC): We are founded to serve the poorest of the poor.  We are
challenged to see Jesus Christ in those who are poor.  We live in community.  Visit
www.dc-northeast.org for more
information, or contact our Vocations Director (518-462-5593 or

Little Sisters of the Poor (LSP): As Little Sisters of the Poor, we are at the service of the aged.  We take them
for our family, and in daily life, we try to show them that our devotedness is spontaneous, faithful and gratuitous.  
Our Mother Foundress Blessed Jeanne Jugan radiated particularly in her life gentleness and humility of heart,
which enabled her to surrender herself, in simplicity, to the joy of hospitality towards the poorest. Visit
littlesistersofthepoor.org for more information, or contact our Vocations Director (302-368-5886 or

Oblate of Sisters of St. Francis de Sales (OSFS): The Oblate Sisters share a contemplative life in the midst of
an active apostolate.  They live the spirit of St. Francis de Sales in their community life, prayer life, and ministry.  
Through a gentle, joy-filled religious consecration, the Oblates bring the love of Christ to those they encounter.
www.oblatesisters.org for more information, or contact our Vocations Director (410-398-3699 or

Roman Union of the Order of Saint Ursula (OSU): The Ursulines of the Eastern Province of the United States
are women religious in an international community, united by the vision and spirit of our foundress, St. Angela
Merici.  Impelled by deep personal love for Jesus Christ, Angela sought in a life of prayer and action to bring
people from all segments of society to a deeper love of God and one another.  We follow Angela in the service of
this twofold love. While we continue to proclaim the Gospel in our traditional work of education, we welcome the
call of the Spirit to new ministries. Visit
www.osueast.org for more information.

Sisters of Charity of St. Elizabeth (SC): Jesus Christ came “to bring the good news to the poor, to proclaim
liberty to captives and to the blind new sight, to set the down trodden free, to proclaim the Lord’s year of favour”
(Lk 4:18-19).  The mission of the Sisters of Charity of St. Elizabeth is to proclaim and live this Gospel of Jesus
Christ.  Through Baptism and Confirmation, each Christian is incorporated into Christ and called to continue his
work.  This is the mission given to the entire Church.  In the tradition of St. Vincent de Paul, our congregation
participates in the mission of the church fundamentally through ministry supported and nourished by prayer and
vowed life in community.  From the beginning, our ministry has encompassed commitments in education, health
care, and pastor and social services. For more information, visit
www.scnj.org or contact our Vocations Director
(973-290-5331 or

Sisters of Mercy of the Americas (RSM): As Sisters of Mercy, we commit ourselves to following Jesus Christ in
his compassion for suffering people through service to those who are poor, sick, and uneducated.  Through direct
service and through our influence, we seek to relieve misery, to address its causes and to support all persons who
struggle for full dignity.  For more information, visit
www.sistersofmercy.org or contact our Vocations Director
(610-664-6650, ext. 123 or

Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur (SNDdeN): The Sisters of Notre Dame deNamur make known God’s goodness
and love of the poor, especially women and children in the most abandoned places through a Gospel way of life,
community, and prayer.  We value the focus on education in our congregational tradition.  The educational
dimension of our mission is carried out through a diversity of ministries among people at all levels of society. For
more information, visit
www.SNDdeN.org or contact our Vocations Director (410-486-0524, ext. 412 or

Sisters of St. Benedict (OSB): We are a community rooted in ministry, prayer and community life.  Presently
sisters are involved in the Benedictine School for developmentally disabled young adults, elementary and high
school teaching, religious education, nursing, social work, pastoral ministry, ministry with the poor and social
justice efforts.  Our Mother house is located in Ridgely, Maryland. For more information, visit

Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia (OSF): To be of loving service to the economically poor, the marginalized,
and the oppressed, especially women, children, and those who have no voice; promoting justice, peace, and
reconciliation.  The Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia strive for continual conversion of heart, living in
contemplation, poverty, and humility, nurturing our relationship with God, others and all of creation. For more
information, contact our Vocations Director (610-558-6789 or
jmccole@osfphila.org) or visit www.osfphila.org.

Sisters of St. Joseph of Philadelphia (SSJ): The mission of the Sisters of Saint Joseph is based on the prayer of
Jesus: "that all may be one as you, Father, are in me, and I in you.  I pray that they may be one in us.”  (John 17:
21)  Our mission as Sisters of Saint Joseph flows from the purpose for which our Congregation exists.  We live and
work so that all people may be united with God and with one another.  As Sisters of Saint Joseph, we live this
mission of unity through prayer, community life and ministry.  We are called to a special preference for persons
who are poor.  This call invites us wherever we are to be in union with them, to be for persons who are materially
and socially poor.  We speak for and with them; we make our choices with their needs in mind; we hold them in
our hearts in all situations in which we find ourselves. For more information, visit
www.ssjphila.org or call 215-

Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (IHM): We are an apostolic community of over 500 women
religious.  In the passionate spirit of Saint Alphonsus Liguori, we joyfully participate in the redeeming mission of
Jesus, which impels us to proclaim the Good News of God’s unconditional love for all.  We embrace Mary, the first
disciple, as our model of a life rooted in God.  We reclaim and confirm the core values of rootedness in God,
community, justice, respect for diversity and wholeness that impel and permeate our participation in the mission
of Jesus Christ.  While currently serving in the United States and Latin America, we live our mission by engaging
in and sponsoring ministries that meet contemporary needs and foster the full development of human potential in
the fields of education, health care, social service and pastoral service. For more information, visit
marywood.edu/www2/ihmpage/ or contact our Vocations Director (570-346-5413 or harkir@sistersofihm.org).

Sisters, Servants of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus (SSCJ): Devoted to extending the glory and Kingdom of
the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus through prayer and service to the most needy, the Sister Servants of the Most
Sacred Heart of Jesus are a contemplative-active Congregation within the Franciscan family.  The apostolates of
the Congregation include: teaching and catechetical formation, nursing and personal care, service to the poor and
evangelization, parish ministry and work with youth.  For more information, please visit
org, or contact Sacred Heart Province, 866 Cambria Street, Cresson, PA 16630, Ph. 814-886-4223, email

The Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm: The apostolic mission of caring for the aged pertains to the
very nature of our Congregation. The Sisters' religious life should be imbued with an apostolic spirit and their
apostolic activity should be animated by a religious spirit. Our apostolic action comes from union with God and is
exercised in communion with the Church. The two-fold end of the Congregation is to combine the practice of the
apostolic with the contemplative life by following the way of the prophet Saint Elias, the leader and father of all
Carmelites. The Sisters strive to be zealous for the Lord, God of Hosts, whose glory they shall promote in the
seclusion of the spiritual mount of Carmel and in ministry to the aged and infirm.  For more information please
"My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord; my spirit rejoices in God my savior."   -Lk 1:46-47
The following women's religious orders are currently serving in the Diocese of Wilmington